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Those of us who own highly appreciated homes are often reluctant to sell because of Capital Gains taxes. There is a perfectly legal way to defer capital gains tax and reduce your overall tax burden. The Deferred Sales Trust™ can provide a way out.

This capital gains tax deferral tool could save you thousands of dollars, and by having the opportunity to potentially make a profit on the money you would have paid to Uncle Sam in the year of the sale.

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"A Way Out"

If you own real estate with a large amount of equity and are not selling your property because of potential capital gain taxes, or can't find suitable, qualified property exchanges, then you may want to consider a Deferred Sales Trust™. Deferring taxes, legally, is not new. Some commonly used tax deferral methods include 1031 exchanges, charitable trusts and traditional seller carry-back installment sale contracts.

The Deferred Sales Trust™ can be used with any kind of entity, e.g.., LLCs, S or C election corporations, as well as individuals who own real estate, rental properties, vacation homes or land, to name a few.

There are significant benefits to a homeowner in electing to use the Deferred Sales Trust™ when electing to sell their property:

  1. Tax Deferral: When appreciated property/capital assets are sold, capital gains tax on said sale is generally deferred until the Seller/Taxpayer actually receives the payments.

  2. Estate Tax Benefits: May accomplish an "estate tax freeze" for estate tax purposes.

  3. Maintains Family Wealth: When properly structured, the principal inside the subject installment sales note can be preserved with "interest only" or partial principal payments creating the potential to pass on a large portion of the note principal to your legal heirs with proper estate planning.

  4. Estate Liquidity: Converts an illiquid asset into monthly payments.

  5. Retirement Income: Provides a stream of income that can be used as retirement income.

  6. Probate Avoidance: With proper estate planning.
  7. Eliminates Risks Associated with Ownership: By utilizing the Deferred Sales Trust™, you have taken an asset that is otherwise "exposed" or liability prone and converted it into a "no-liability" asset.

    Nothing is required to be given away to charity, as happens with the competing strategy know as a Charitable Remainder Trust.

    The Deferred Sales Trust™ allows all due principal and accrued interest to be paid to the Seller/Taxpayer via a custom prepared installment sales agreement, whereas the Charitable Remainder Trust often pays income (interest) only. The Deferred Sales Trust™ has the potential and likelihood to yield more bottom line dollars to the property/capital asset Seller/Taxpayer than a Charitable Remainder Trust.

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